(October 20, 2020; Lake Forest, CA) Ripl Networks, the leading innovator in IP networking for low power things, today announced an Enterprise IoT agreement with Matter Labs to deploy Ripl MLMesh and IoT solutions from Amazon AWS.

Ripl Networks will deploy a company wide solution for 3D Location tracking of critical assets and personnel for Matter Labs. Ripl will use IoT solutions from Amazon AWS for data security and data visualization. The foundation of Ripl MLMesh is an ML powered software stack that coordinates guaranteed message delivery and symmetrical communications over an array of battery-powered radio options, including the Ripl-Edge. Ripl-based sensors enable data handling technology the Enterprise demands such as TLS (transport layer security), blockchain and SD-WAN (software-defined networking) that’s absent in devices that do not use the ubiquitous IP protocol. Battery powered devices looking to live many years can’t take advantage of the IP connectivity from WiFi and 4G/5G due to their high power consumption. Ripl essentially creates for battery-powered sensors what WiFi does for laptops – making them a simple extension of the IP WAN.

About Ripl Networks

Ripl Networks accelerates IoT adoption by economically bringing sensors into the Enterprise’s IP realm. The Ripl Networks MLMesh system reduces the cost of implementing, administering and maintaining IoT projects and leverages the Enterprise’s existing investment in IP knowledge and networks to do so. Ripl software, devices and reference designs remove threats to the industry achieving its vast potential by slashing dependencies on specialized expertise and extending the obvious and solid momentum of IPv6 for IoT.