The IP Network for Tiny-Edge Computing

-Tiny Microcontrollers Don’t Talk IP

-Ripl Makes Them a Simple Extension of the IP WAN

~1 Minute Explainer Video

Ripl MLMesh™ is a Wireless Messaging System That Makes Any Tiny-Edge Computer Talk IP Natively.


It’s an ML Powered Software Stack That Coordinates Guaranteed Message Delivery Over an Array of Low-Power Radio Options.

Ripl is Like Long Distance WiFi for Tiny-Edge Computing.

Why MLMesh?


Eliminate Security & Operating Risks

Non-IP protocols introduce security risk, complexity and operating expense from running a separate type of data network for IoT.

Code, Scale, Manage in IP

Allows the Enterprise to code, scale and manage IoT applications without any change to their IP-centric platforms, extending the ROI of their existing knowledge-base and infrastructure.

Generate Better 3D Location Data

Uses AI to enable asset and personnel tracking in fixed facilities and worksites including company events, firefighting and emergency response, without GPS dependencies.

Impromptu Networking

Impromptu networking for instant IoT deployments, with or without Internet connectivity, bypassing the need for 3rd party towers, gateways and service fees.


Battery Powered

Up to 10 years of life

Deploy Anywhere

Portable; no wall power or cell tower

IP Based

v6 or v4; extend existing network

Coverage + Relay

Up to 20km node to node relay

Congestion Avoidance

Sub GHz + spread spectrum

Mesh Resiliency

Self healing w/ no single failure point

Private / End-to-End

100% controlled; bypasses Internet

3D Location Tracking

Any node can track or be tracked

Unlocking the Power of Wire-Free IoT


Event Driven 3D Location Services

Drive your workflows using automatically triggered processes when assets and personnel walk through customized geofences.

TLS w/ No Person in the Middle

Ripl eliminates the need for protocol and encryption gateways. Data travels in the safety of your IP Wan instead of a 2nd type of data network.

SDWan / Shaping Critical Traffic

IoT creates mission critical data. The Enterprise should demand that it travels with purpose.


Ripl enables any IoT sensor to talk IP. Ripl can perform Blockchain hashing at the point of data capture.

Market Perspective


Alan Jaeger, DoD Naval Surface Warfare Center

“We need to track moving assets without relying on GPS using battery-powered trackers we could deploy literally anywhere. MLMesh is the only system I’ve seen that can do that.


Bill Locker, CEO Sage Network & Communications

“We deploy Ripl because it leverages the value chain surrounding IP infrastructure including TLS security and SD-WAN performance. Ripl cuts out all the strange protocols of IoT that frankly customers don’t care about and don’t want to see competing as a second network.”


Ripl Networks is onboarding new system integrators every week. If you want a personalized tour then drop us a line.



Ripl Networks accelerates IoT adoption by economically bringing sensors into the Enterprise’s IP realm. The Ripl Networks MLMesh system reduces the cost of implementing, administering and maintaining IoT projects and leverages the Enterprise’s existing investment in IP knowledge and networks to do so. Ripl software, devices and reference designs remove threats to the industry achieving its vast potential by slashing dependencies on specialized expertise and extending the obvious and solid momentum of IPv6 for IoT.


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